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persuader n : someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on [syn: inducer]

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  1. One who attempts to persuade.
  2. A thing that persuades.
    When things stick we get the gentle persuader...a really big hammer we keep for this reason.



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  • IPA: /pɛʁ.sɥ
  • SAMPA: /



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This article is about the Swedish band. For the DC Comics supervillain, see Persuader (comics), for the book by Lee Child, see Persuader (novel).
Persuader is a Swedish power metal band that was formed in 1997. They have since released three full length albums: The Hunter, Evolution Purgatory, and When Eden Burns. They have a sound similar to bands including early Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, and Nocturnal Rites, although Persuader includes influences of thrash metal also.
Jens & Emil joined a band called Savage Circus in 2005, the band Thomas "Thomen" Stauch started after he quit Blind Guardian.
The follow up to 2006's album "When Eden Burns" is being written, the album is scheduled to be released in early/mid 2008.

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